Aquajet Swim School

Our mission is to provide Learn to Swim lessons that are structured and motivating. We endeavour to continue to provide quality in our lessons by keeping class sizes small and focus on individual improvement.

We believe that improvement comes through positive reinforcement in a fun safe environment where encouragement and praise are used in conjunction with consistent fair teaching and we recognise that child readiness comes before adult expectation.

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Swimming Assessments

All children are required to undergo a quick and easy assessment before joining a programme to ensure that the are entered into the right level of class. Assessments are free and getting into a class is dependant on whether there are spaces available at the appropriate level.

Assessments are held close to or at the end of a school term and bookings must be made.


Lessons are held weekly for either 8 or 9 weeks depending on the school term. All classes are based on ability, not age.

Age: 6 Months – 3 Years

Suitable For:Babies and Toddlers
Aim:An 'introduction to water' class for babies and toddlers based on fun activities with toys and games. The class encourages interaction between parent and child and provides quality time with Mum or Dad that aids bonding in a social environment. Little swimmers are required to be worn by all under 3’s.

Age: 3 Years – 5 Years

Maximum 4 per Class, 30 Minutes Duration

Suitable For:Nervous beginning pre-schoolers. Classes are based on fun activities and songs and encourage participation in group activities.
Aim:To promote confidence and mobility while submersed in water. Tadpoles are introduced to aided floating and kicking skills.
Suitable For:More confident pre-schoolers.
Aim:To continue to build confidence and improve kicking while floating front and back.

School Age

The following classes are based on ability not age.

Suitable For:Nervous beginners.
Aim:To promote confidence / mobility / submersion and relaxation in water. Introducing basic kicking and back float.
Suitable For:The less nervous beginner.
Aim:To continue to build confidence and improve kicking in a front and back float.
Suitable For:More confident beginners.
Aim:To improve kicking / arm action skills and promote co-ordination and encourage unaided back float and kicking. Basic fly kick.
Suitable For:Those swimming with consistent freestyle arms with good kicking. Floating / kicking on back in a relaxed manner.
Aim:To introduce and co-ordinate freestyle with correct breathing. Introduce backstroke arms with progression to the main pool.
Suitable For:Those with the basic knowledge of freestyle breathing and backstroke that need the extra challenge of the main pool.
Aim:To improve and develop freestyle with correct breathing technique and to develop backstroke. To swim 15 metres. Treading water.
Suitable For:Those swimming freestyle with breathing and backstroke approximately 10 - 15m.
Aim:To keep improving technique and stamina to swim 20 meters. Introduction of breaststroke and butterfly kick and diving.
Suitable For:For those swimming 25m freestyle and backstroke.
Aim:Continual improvement in technique and stamina to swim 50m. Introduction of butterfly and tumble turns. Technique improvement in breaststroke.
Suitable For:For those swimming 75m freestyle and backstroke consistently well. Basic knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly.
Aim:Continual stroke correction. Building up of fitness and stamina to 200 metres. Dive starts and tumble turns.

Suitable For:Those swimming 200m freestyle and backstroke and have the correct breaststroke kick.
Aim:Continual stroke correction and building of stamina / dive starts and tumble turns. A good lead into club swimming.

Adult Classes

The Splash Centre runs Learn to Swim classes for adults in a supportive and friendly environment. To see if we have a course beginning soon check the What’s On page or get in touch with the swim school manager directly if nothing is listed.

Aquajet Swim School ManagerPhoneEmail
Christine Strichen06 349


A non-impact fun way to exercise for all ages!

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:30am – 10:30am.

Royal Lifesaving New Zealand

The Splash Centre runs children’s Rookie, Super and Ultra Lifesaving classes. Participants learn safety and survival skills, including basic techniques of clothed and survival swimming.

We also run comprehensive Adult Lifesaving programmes.

Participants in these programmes must be able to confidently swim lengths of freestyle and breastroke in our main pool.

Please check the What’s On page to see if we have a Lifesaving course planned that suits you. If nothing is currently listed, contact us directly by phone on 06 349 0113 for more information.

Low Impact Circuit Classes

30 minute circuit class for all fitness levels and abilities with small friendly class sizes. Admission is included in the normal Splash entry fee.

Tuesdays & Thursdays:8:30am - 9:00am
9:00am - 9:30am

Arthritis Classes

Arthritis classes offer a range of different in-water light exercises for those who suffer from the symptoms of Arthritis. Classes are 30 minutes and are run by an instructor in one of our hot pools, e.g. the Hydrotherapy Pool. Classes promote mobility for sufferers to be more active in their everyday activities.

We run two types of class the standard Arthritis Class and a Graduate class for those that have already attended previous Arthritis Classes.

We look forward to assisting you in alleviating some of the pain from your symptoms.

Arthritis ClassesThursdays11:00am
Graduate ClassesThursdays10:30am

Float Fit Classes

Float fit is a combination of Yoga and Pilates on water! Come join the fun and get ‘float fit’!

Monday & Tuesday6.15pm – 6.45pm